Botanical watercolor lessons at Hanbury Gardens - online video tutorial

First lesson: THE LEMON

Second lesson: taggiasco OLIVE

Third lesson: the CYPRESS

Fourth lesson: the BRUGMANSIA

Fifth lesson: the ALOE

Sixth lesson: the STRELITZIA

Seventh lesson: the BAMBOO

The Hanbury Botanical Gardens are pleased to offer to the public the opportunity to approach botanical painting by offering video-tutorials dedicated to flowers and fruits that you can find in our Garden and which will teach, step by step, to draw and paint the subject proposed.

This initiative was born thanks to the collaboration with the botanical painter Chiara Trinchieri and her desire to pass on her passion for botanical art to those who want to follow her on this path.

Chiara Trinchieri was born in Milan where she completed her training and working career in the artistic field.

She graduated in 1981 as a Visual designer at the "Polytechnic School of Design" where, as a pupil of N. Di Salvatore, Bruno Munari, Augusto Garau, she learned the psychology of form and color (Gestalt_psychologie) and the methodology of design at the service of creativity . In 1986, following a botanical watercolor course, she approaches this discipline which she will cultivate with passion by carrying out numerous studies and tables. Eager to convey her interest in botanical art, in 2016 she began teaching at institutions and schools. Her special thanks go to a great Italian botanical artist of the last century, Marilena Pistoia.

If I have to express my opinion on botanical illustration I would use the words of my teacher Bruno Munari who in his book "Art as a profession" writes: "There is a way to" copy nature "and there is a way to understand nature. Copying nature can be a form of manual dexterity and may not even help to understand simply because it shows us things as we normally see them. Studying natural structures, observing the evolution of forms can instead give everyone has the opportunity to understand more and more the world we live in ". (Chiara Trinchieri)


The first subject that is proposed is the LEMON fruit.

First lesson: LEMON

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The second subject that is proposed is taggiasco OLIVE

Second lesson: taggiasco OLIVE

More information about OLIVE tree and Hanbury Botanical Gardens  on dedicated page

The third subjet that is proposed is the CYPRESS

The Cypresses of Mortola - Cupressus sempervirens L.

VIDEO LESSON of botanical watercolor: the CYPRESS

The fourth subjet that is proposed is the BRUGMANSIA

VIDEO LESSON of botanical watercolor: the BRUGMANSIA

The fifth subjet that is proposed is the ALOE

VIDEO LESSON of botanical watercolor: the ALOE

The sixth subjet that is proposed is the STRELITZIA

VIDEO LESSON of botanical watercolor: the STRELITZIA

The seventh subjet that is proposed is the BAMBOO

VIDEO LESSON of botanical watercolor: the BAMBOO